EbaPro Air Breeze Sanitizer


BioFogging & BioSpray Sanitizer

Do it Yourself Fogging Sanitizer or Making money by become Sanitiser .
 Offer service sanitizer to your community .

An holistic approach

Ebapro provide a range of antimicrobial products for

use in your home, your business and professional

healthcare environments.

Used together with our holistic system approach you

can protect you and those you care for from a wide

spectrum of microbes. From wipes, spraying, rubbing,

cleaning to fogging

Limitation of manpower

Not every area, surface such as ceiling, wall and small

part area are been wipe or disinfect properly and some

areas are been ignore such as fan, behind furnitures,

ventilator hole etc.

Main target surface is the air itself.

Most of the viruses such as SARS, H1N1 , Coronavirus,

E Coli are virus. Fungi and spores are live within the


Will reduce microbial numbers in the airspace and

surfaces,Dust in the airspace

Black Mould levels on surface (Aspergillus niger


Our EbaPro Air Breeze includes strong cleaning

capacity, fogging it also coats surfaces with a residual

layer of cleaning materials.That makes subsequent

cleaning much easier as it reduces the adherence of

subsequent soiling.

Safe to human, animal and environment

Free ingredients of animal origin, alcohol

free, developed without testing on animals

Kill all microbes (bacteria, spores, fungi, virus etc)

Green & NATURAL technology