EbaPro Body & Hair Sanitiser – BODY & HAIR WASH



EbaPro Body & Hair Sanitiser

Why hand sanitizer only?  Not body And hair also need sanitizer?

Developed and formulated for use by health professionals such as surgeons, doctors and paramedics.  However, due to the outbreak, this product is suitable for use by the public especially frontliners and hospital patients as well as family members.

Most users only focus on the hand, but why not the rest of the body?  While other members may also suffer from harmful germs.

 EBAPRO BODY & HAIR SANITISER Foam is created as a tool to reduce the pathogenic flora of the skin to:

 – Reduce headaches of the patient’s skin flora to reduce care staff contamination.

 – Reduce the possibility that temporary flora in the hands of the care staff will attach and contaminate the affected patient.

 – Provide safe products that can be used by children and products that can be used by children with skin and respiratory diseases

 – Provide products that can be used safely at home, in community care, in transportation such as yachts and even in hospitals

 – Introducing daily use products as part of the Prevention Philosophy.

 – Provide lighter alternatives to cleanse existing pollutants

 – Be one of the most chemically compatible infection control products.  These innovative products have the clear potential to reduce hospital-acquired infections.

 – Protection and protection with natural plant layers for a long time protection and prevention