EbaPro FreshSpray Odor Remover- Refill



EbaPro FreshSpray Odor Remover not only removes the odor, it cleans the odor from any fabric or surface you want that you can wash with OdorAdvance Technology, leaving your fabric with a light and fresh scent. The delicate fungus works with a deep inside of the cloth, cleansing it from general odors such as smoke, cigarettes and other body odors, helping to refresh the whole room.

Perfect for weekly use on soft surfaces including furniture upholstery and rugs / rugs or just to provide your wardrobe needs to be restored in your vehicle as well. Add to your regular cleaning routine for the comfort of your entire home, work or toilet.

Size Packaging: 5 Liter Refill

Suitable Places: Home, Office, Store, Kitchen Factory, Kindergarten, School, Clinic, Hemodialysis Center, Health Center, Hotel, Gym, Resort, Restaurant, Care Center, Public Transportation, Mall, Public Toilet, Nutrition Sector such as restaurant, Food processing store, Store, and others.