EbaPro Multi Action Household. 5 Liters Lemon



EbaPro Multi Action Cleaner. Stronger and Freshness. Kill Covid 19 and Super Clean!

A complete solution for all your cleaning needs, no need for additional cleansing agents.
The unique formula of EBAPRO 4in1 Disinfectant Multi Action Cleaner is developed specifically to get rid of stains, brighten the surface and leave a durable fresh fragrance.
And as it originated from the EBAPRO, it killed 99.9% of germs.

EBAPRO 4in1 Disinfectant Multi Action Cleaner gives your residence clean all the time by giving 4in1 cleaner power and trusted family protection, due to killing 99.9% of germs including E. coli and influenza virus (H1N1).

Suitable for use on all floors and surfaces of the household. Always test in unattractive areas in advance.

Diluted Use: For general cleansing, Mix 50ml in 2L water. No need to rinse.

Illustrated use: To clean and kill tough bacteria, mix 50 glasses in 1L water or more if needed. No need to rinse.

Neat Use: For stubborn stains and disinfection, pour in damp cloth or straight to the surface. Leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing or wipeing. Need to rinse.