EbaPro Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner 500 Ml



Naturally powered by plants Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Removes stubborn stains

Deodorises as it cleans leaving behind fresh crisp smell
Septic safe and safe for waterways
Natural TOILET BOWL CLEANER: Clean and disinfect with Toilet Bowl Cleaning liquid that kills 99. 9% of bacteria and leaves your toilet sparkling clean
• DISINFECT: Powerful clinging liquid destroys tough stains and kills germs to clean your porcelain toilet bowl, making it look shiny and new
• TOILET CLEANER: This toilet cleaning liquid with bleach eliminates odour causing bacteria with a special nozzle to deep clean under the bowl rim
• BATHROOM CLEANER: This cleaning liquid delivers the trusted cleaning power of Ebapro in a Fresh Scent
• POUR, BRUSH, FLUSH: Easily dispense the non-abrasive liquid formula with the wide nozzle to coat the inside of the bowl, scrub and let sit, then flush away the grime. Safe on septic tanks
• Prevent from clogged

Active Ingredients : Emolliented Hydrogen Peroxide and Plant oil