Ebapro Ultra Antibacterial Liquid 5 Liters



Ebapro Ultra Antibacterial dish liquid is approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria * on the plate, allowing you to clean more than just grilling oil and give you the peace of mind that your dishes are as clean as possible.

* Salmonella enterica, E. coli 0157: H7, Staph aureus, coronavirus and others at a meal within 30 seconds when used as directed.

You want a clean, sparkling meal, but you also want to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Now you can have both! Ebapro Ultra Antibacterial Dishwasher provides strong cleaning action and its formula is phosphate-free, a common dishwashing agent that may be harmful to lakes and rivers. This retains its full cleaning power to make your dish shine without residue. Adequate cleaning removes dirt, oil and grime. The fresh lemon scent makes the daily task of cleaning your dishes a good impression. The oversized bottle has an integrated handle and a clean suction device for easy use.

Softens hands and protects hands.

* Antibacterial, kill germs in seconds

* Soften and Protect skin

* Prevent from infection

* Superpower Cleans

* Safe and no animal ingredients

* Liquid dishwasher detergent that whisks away dirt, grease, and grime