Non Alcohol Hand Sanitizer



Non Alcohol Hand Sanitizer or Hand Rub based on plant oil, free of alcohol, gentle, good for the skin and long lasting effect. Responds quickly to bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, and other microbes * Does not contain toxic (non-toxic), non-corroding material. * Does not have a cosmetic negative effect on the skin. * Alternatives to Hand Sanitizer Alcohol.

Size Packaging: 500 Ml per bottle

Suitable Places: Home, Office, Factory, Kindergarten, School, Clinic, Hamoedylisis Center, Health Center, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Care Center, Public Transportation, Mall, Public Toilet, Nutrition Sector such as restaurants, food processing, livestock and agriculture, and others.

Active Ingredients for Non Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Triple Power : * Didecyldimethylammoniumcloride * Alkyldimethylbenzylammoniumchloride * Citric Acids * Plants Based This is liquid base

Differ from gel base . The main function is to kill and prevent infection from harmful germs like coronavirus ,h1n1, h5n1 and harmful spores like c-diff .

Alcohol is not suitable for kill spores and virus that have thick membrane. Suitable for all kind skins especially those who have sensitive skin like eczema patient, baby and kids .

This formulation included Emollient for cosmetic value and moisturizer. Natural coating also make the function long lasting .

Prevent from fire, more safer storage and suitable use in public places like airport and school . Because it don’t have alcohol . Prevent from fire occurred . It’s alternative for alcohol formulation from infection pandemic.